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Istanbul Travel
Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey. There are fifteen million habitants in this city while the real number is higher. Living in this crowded city is not easy but, behind this crowd is the beauty and the advantages of living. Istanbul city has many attractions to offer for foreign and even local tourists. If you have never been to Istanbul and you want to find reasons to see it then, the following are some reasons for you to travel and visit Istanbul:

Istanbul is the only city found in two altered continents
Mostly half of the city is located in the European continent and the other half is in the continent of Asia. The two continents are joined by two bridges- the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. You can also take ferries to travel from one side to other which are surely enjoyable.

Istanbul travel
Istanbul Travel

The hospitality of the Turkish people
This can be the primary reason why you should visit Turkey. They are really friendly and approachable in general. The good thing is that most of them speak English. You can create good friendships with them. You will never be lonely even if you travel alone because it is easy to meet people in this city.

• Turkish tasty food
Their kitchen contains various tastes. You can find all-in-one taste only in this city. There are restaurants that offer every probable kind of food.

• Nightlife in the city
The city offers a very animated nightlife. They have many centers and each center provides lots of night time activities.

Big cities especially Istanbul are not exempted to petty crime. Petty crime is not totally directed towards tourist but, it doesn’t mean that they are exempted. Pickpocketing, snatching and mugging are the common kind of petty crime. In travelling, staying safe is a must. There are “tourism police” that provide help for travelers who may become victims.