10 things to do in Bodrum


Bodrum which is located in southwestern Turkey, keeps its popularity among native and foreign tourists since decades. This most popular vacation town of Turkish Riviera provides a marvellous nature, sunny beaches, rich historical heritage and a lively nightlife to its guests. In this list, we try to give you ideas about things to do in and around Bodrum Kos. We hope to help you have a better vacation.

1- See Bodrum Castle
Bodrum Castle was built by Knights of St. John in 1406 AD. Today the castle is used as Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. You can see artifacts from world’s oldest shipwreck here, besides tomb of ‘Ada’, princess of Karia.

2- Taste delicious Bodrum cuisine
Bodrum cuisine is famous for its local herbs and seafood. You should definitely taste herbs like ’tilki┼čan’, mustard greens and glasswort in Bodrum’s restaurants. Traditional appetizers called ‘meze’ and seafood specialties are other important elements of Bodrum cuisine.

Kos Bodrum
Kos Bodrum

3- Go to mud bath in Karaada
On an island called Karaada near Bodrum, you will reach after https://feribotlines.com ferry transport and there are caves filled with thermal water and mud. You’ll have fun in this natural spa but this is not the only benefit. Thermal mud is good for dematologic disorders and rheumatism.

4- Eat Bodrum tangerine
Bodrum is famous for its aromatic and delicious tangerine. You can just eat the fresh fruit or prefer to taste products like Bodrum tangerine soda or Turkish delight with Bodrum tangerine.

5- See Mausoleum
Do you know that one of the 7 wonders of the world is in Bodrum? Tomb of King Mausollos, Mausoleum, which is one of the 7 wonders of ancient world is in Bodrum. Unfortunately, most of the tomb is in British Museum today but you can still see some remainings of it in Bodrum.

6- Eat fish
Yes, fish is an important matter in Bodrum. You should taste local species like ‘sokkan’ or ‘kupez’ in Bodrum’s restaurants.

7- Experience a boat tour
For discovering all pristine coves of Bodrum, you should have a boat tour. There are many options. You can choose a one-day tour with a short route inside Bodrum bay or you can have a ‘blue voyage’ for one week and discover the beauties of Turkish Riviera and Greek islands.

8- See the amphitheater
Bodrum has an amphitheater dating back to Hellenistic era. It’s at walking distance from town center and one of the oldest amphitheaters of Turkey. You can still see concerts and other artistic events here.

9- Buy Bodrum sandals
This is Bodrum fashion. When you hit the Bodrum beaches, you should wear Bodrum sandals. These chic leather sandals can be bought throughout local shops.

Bodrum Kos
Bodrum Kos

10- Have crazy fun at Bar Street
Bodrum’s nightlife is famous worldwide. Go to Bar Street of Bodrum at least one time during your vacation and enjoy the unforgettable, crazy fun.

Where to stay?
Ha La Bodrum
A nice boutique hotel surrounded by lemon trees. Decoration is ethnic, hotel building is a traditional stone house. Free Wi-Fi is available. Walking distance to city center and marina.

Salmakis Resort & Spa
A very good resort hotel if you want a luxurious vacation. Hotel has its own bars and restaurants. Turkish bath, spa, sports facilities and private beach are available. Walking distance to city center and marina.